What is A Love Spell

 (*)"The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors."

Once you understand how love spells work you can confidently use one. For many years science has declared love spells and psychic powers don’t exist since they cannot be proven scientifically to be real. However, our DNA contains what scientists call ‘junk DNA’ (non coding DNA), apparently 98% is junk DNA with no function according to scientists that is, scientists do not understand what use it has, so they have decided it is junk with no purpose; that’s their explanation since they don’t have a valid answer - they do not consider that it might contain information on our 6th sense and subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind makes us breathe while we are sleeping, it renews our liver every 6 weeks, our eye balls every two days and we get new skin around once a month, the subconscious mind takes care of all this and millions of other things that keep us alive, naturally the information is stored somewhere - in our so called junk DNA? And what do scientists know about dreams? Scientists have dreams, so they cannot pretend they don’t exist.


Information related to our 6th sense or psychic powers is stored in our DNA, it is not junk DNA at all. Every one of us has psychic powers, intuition and a gut instinct. Some people are evidently very gifted psychically and are able to use their skills to work as a professional psychic, meanwhile others will often accurately know who is on the phone before they answer it. We've all sensed someone's eyes on us, even though we aren't facing their direction - we don't need scientific proof, we just believe or intuitively know these things are real.


A love spells witch like myself, casts a love spell using all 6 senses, once active the spell automatically connects with the person it is being cast upon and the Universe (Quantum psychic tells us what witches have known for centuries - that everything in the Universe is connected)


While no witch can ever guarantee a love spell, it is pretty hard to make upset things, because even if you can only tell me the first name of the person you love, your love spell will instantly (psychically) know exactly who they are, it cannot get them mixed up, therefore once a love spell has been cast it starts aiming for the results it has to achieve... results are a love spell’s natural outcome.


Love spells contain lots of magnetic, positive energies, all attracting the missing pieces of your personal love jigsaw, sometimes results manifest in the cleverest of ways, at other times an ex might simply send a text asking you to give your love a second chance, out of the blue when you are least expecting it.


How do you make sure your spell is correctly charged? You simply tell me the results you desire, and your love spell will automatically i.e. psychically connect to you, the stronger you feel about something, the stronger that part of your spell will be. I like to have your details so that if you are asking me questions about your case I can explain things, and also so I can put as much energy into your love spell as possible, which obviously will make your love spell as potent as possible... Naturally your desires and wishes will be picked up anyway, since your love spell will feed on your wishes regarding the outcome you are seeking.