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What to do while you wait for your spell to work!


1, Write your love wish down. This is a very powerful secret, write down your love wish, either on your computer, mobile phone or on a piece of paper you can keep hidden away from prying eyes. Write down your wish and look at it often, especially when your faith is being tested. The act of writing something down invokes the Universe's powers of manifestation, and it acts as a focus point. I will write your love spell request out using my witchcraft magical alphabet, the powerful Runes, but this is the one thing I ask all clients to do when I cast a spell - WRITE IT DOWN YOURSELF also. Written words are spells, Anaïs Nin said “If it is not written down, it doesn’t exist”, very true, the act of writing down your request will influence the Universe and help manifest your love spell results. Spells should be kept a secret, therefore if you choose to carry your ‘love spell’ around with you on a piece of paper, please make certain no one sees it ever - look after it at all times, and also look at it as often as you can.


2, Keep your love spell a secret. Spells as I explain at Love Spells & Any Witch Spells Should Be Kept A Secret! should remain a secret always. Witchcraft, love spells and everything in the Universe is 'energy', this has been proven by modern science; everything in the world is made up of energy - what appears to be solid such as your car, or body is in fact energy or light that vibrates, this is called a 'frequency.' Thoughts and words are energy too, to discuss your love spell with anyone means you are affecting it - to speak about spells causes the energy waves to wobble and even collapse. A spell has many energy waves: your witch's thoughts, words, actions, visions, spell casting materials, everything should be left to your witch, unless he or she advises you otherwise. Your witch will ensure your own thoughts and negativity do not affect your spell along with his or her own, but introducing new people into the equation and allowing their comments to be made is unwise.


Make sure no one knows your email password, or that it cannot be guessed at.

3, Communicate with the one you love. If at all possible keep on speaking terms with your ex or the one you love, this will help your spell because it is one less job for your love spell - reopening the lines of communication. However, this varies from case to case, I know many of my clients have been told not to contact their ex ever again, in which case do not, instead wait until your love spell melts the ice and makes them want to get in touch with you again.


4, Operate in accordance with your spell request. If you want your ex back, do not tell everyone you do not want them back. Your pride might make you feel like telling your friends your ex is history, instead tell them "what will be, will be", that way your spell will not pick up any conflicting messages.


5, Walk away from trouble. If others or the one you love appears to want to cause complications or argue, the wisest thing to do is not get involved if at all possible. Think of your love spell as a friend helping you, therefore try to avoid doing anything that might hinder it such as having a big row with the one you love, the row will only give your spell more work to do and slow down results, so it is best not to get involved even if you are in the right.


6, Allow your love spell time to work. Don't worry if results don't appear straightaway, love spells can take time to work fully, and often work gradually over a period of time. A love spell is like a seed, it will grow into the situation you want.

A love spell is psychic energy created by a witch to transform one love situation into another. Fate or destiny is prearranged, but love spells can alter fate - no problem.

If the one you love doesn’t appear to notice you exist, it certainly doesn’t mean you cannot get to know and be with the person you desire. It might be that you can manipulate the situation yourself, for example find yourself somewhere you know they will be by design. Alternatively, you might not be able to influence them naturally by your actions, but there is an alternative - love spells. Once your love spell is cast, psychic energy will up date fate and make certain fate arranges for you to be with the one you love. Fate will be influenced and so will the person you desire, the psychic energy from your love spell will make them see you in a very positive light, they will pick up positive vibrations from you, feel intrigued by you, captivated by you and under your love spell. Fate will arrange for you to meet the one you love by chance or ‘coincidence.’

If you want to win back your old love, you will need to use reuniting love spells - these love spells are also psychic energy and their task will be erasure of all the bad feelings and restore your ex lover’s interest in you. Instead of sulking or mulling things over, your ex will be missing you, thinking about you and dreaming about you. Love spells work on the mind, body and soul.

Fate doesn’t necessarily bring soul mates together, you might be destined to use love spells to bring the one you love to you - love spells wouldn’t exist if they weren’t useful. It’s all very well going down to your local, but what if your soul mate isn’t in there? Love spells make life easier.

Love spells create real love!

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